Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simple meaningful gifts are the best ones

The girls have lots of individual friends, but they have just a few that they all consider a best friend. This year at school they all become BFF's with a little girl named Mia. From the first day of school, I heard about their new friend. As the year went on and the kids switched seats Mia was able to sit at the same table as each of the girl, thus solidifying her BFF status with each girl. I was able to chaperon three field trips this year and each time, I was assigned a group of kids to lead, my 4, Mia and one other child. Whenever I came to school for a function, I was greeted with 5 hugs, one guess as to who the 5th hug was from. She is a sweet girl and my children adore her, so when they got invited to her birthday party this weekend they were thrilled. It was Frozen themed, so we hit the store Friday looking for the perfect gift. As Frozen is beyond popular with the 10 and under set, the only Frozen item we found, was a plush blanket. No doll, no game, no costume, no beach towel, nothing else was available. We found a few other little things that the girls thought she would like, but they were not "thrilled" with their choices. The next morning a thought hit me, I had a lot of pictures of the girls with Mia, surely I could do something with them for a present. An hour later I had a memory page of pictures that the girls liked so much they each wanted one for themselves. It cost me $8.50 at Walgreen's to have it printed into an 11x14 poster (using a coupon of course!) We picked it up on the way to the party and added it to the other gifts. It was a hit! What made this even more special was that found out Mia is moving to a new school next year, and chances are, we will loose touch. Hopefully this gift will help her remember her four friends from 2nds grade. Sometimes simple is better.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

End of the year teacher gifts

Tired of the impersonal gift card, or World's Best Teacher printed on an apple coffee mug? A personalized photo gift can be just the right thing to show your child's teacher your gratitude and give them a memento of the school year.
I helped make this collage of all the kids holding up signs telling what they want to be when they grow up is one way to show your teacher how she inspired the children. Converting the colored photos to black and white makes it all the more special. Print a large 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 print at your local print shop or office store, slip it in a frame and you are good to go. I cannot take the credit for this idea, one of the other moms found it on Pinterest-
The teacher cried when it was presented to her. That's when you know you gave a great gift!
Another option is to use the yearbook page, with a special note of thanks and some extra pictures. You can scan the page or take a picture of it. Or get a digital copy from your yearbook committee. As I was the yearbook committee this year, this one was easy for me to make. You can use the photo lab's software or power point to make these changes if you don't like working in photoshop. This version was printed at Walgreen's on a board that has a stand you can attach to make it stand by itself. Or you can frame it as well.

These are all pretty simple DIY ideas , or you can hire www.scrapbookmamma to do it for you!