Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yearbook Club- Picking a theme

I am moving my business into a new direction focusing on yearbooks and team memory books. Part of that change is offering my services as an on site Yearbook Advisor leading the student yearbook club. I hosted my first meeting of an on campus yearbook club today and let the 20 kids pick the theme for their yearbook. I had 4 ideas to choose from and made sample pages to give them an idea of what the end product will look like.

The Journey Theme would involve travel embellishments like passports, maps, and travel journals.  
The Be Inspired Theme would involve takes on the word Be, as in Be Inspired, Be Happy, Be Thoughtful and have lots of bright colors and graphics.
The At the Movies Theme would involve movie embellishments like ticket stubs, filmstrips and screens.  

The Comic book theme would be bright and colorful with lots of call outs and graphics.
I thought I had a pretty good variety of options, but the kids had some other suggestions as well. Among them were Technology/Social Media where pages would look like an phone screen with apps and the colors and fonts would be reminiscent of social media pages.
Newspaper/Magazine where the book would be designed like a paper with newsprint or magazine layout style pages. And from one of my own children Party, consisting of party elements like balloons, streamers etc. with bright colors throughout the pages.

We took a vote and technology won by a landslide with over 60% of the kids voting on that theme.

The kids then choose what committees they wanted to work in, photos, graphics, advertising, class pictures etc. Not surprisingly they all want to have some part in taking pictures and working on the graphics program. But there is enough work to go around so we will have plenty of people to get the work done.

Can't wait to get started and see what we can do!